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Wild Wild West Event Centre, 67 Commercial Crt., Calgary, AB T3Z 2A6

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Come Sell Like #ell!

Be the market


You can book any date(s) online here, or just drop-in on the day and pay as you enter.  Drop-ins cost an extra $5 per day - so why not book online, it's that $5 cheaper and can be done as late as 9pm the night before your chosen Sale date.  Stalls are not pre-assigned.  You may also rent optional "kit" like a table or canopy, but these book up quickly so rent early to avoid disappointment.  (All bookings are non-refundable, see T&Cs),

One empty stall or vendor's space starts at 6' wide - but you can rent as much extra width as you like beyond that.  We charge just $10 per extra 6 feet of width, so you just pay for enough width to accommodate your table or canopy.

So, for example:

  • 1 stall,      6’w @ $20  good for typical 6‘ table.

  • 2 stalls,  12'w @ $30  good for typical canopies.

  • 3 stalls,  18'w @ $40  good for home down-sizers.

  • 4 stalls,  24'w @ $50  good for a pair of canopies.

  • 5 stalls,  30'w @ $60  good for farmer’s produce.

You can bring your own table(s) and canopies if you like, they're not mandatory, and as noted above we can rent them to you if you need them.  See notes below about canopies.  


The Treasure Sale is open from 10am - 4pm; vendors should stay until the end, (unless completely sold-out and a safe exit has been arranged with management).  Vendors arrive from 08:30, being guided to the next available pitch by staff, then set-up (engines off) until vehicles must be off-site by 09:50.  


You can sell or promote almost anything at our Treasure Sale, within reason.  Unlike the restrictions placed upon "approved" farmers markets, with us you are allowed to re-sell items here; although we love things you have made, baked or grown yourself, we are not limited to that mantra.  See the list of general categories under the Products menu, and info. on permits and licences under Advice menu .

Know that prepared foods must be made in a commercial-grade kitchen, approved by Alberta Health (see Advice).  There are commercial kitchens around Calgary you can rent for as little as $25/h - some are in community centres, or you can talk with our venue the Wild Wild West Event Centre who have one you could hire.  Otherwise, home-baked goods can ONLY be sold at not-for-profit bake-sales and Alberta approved "Farmer's Markets"; (being classed as a "public market" we allow everything "approved" markets do, except home-baked goods and, for the moment, alcohol).

For food sampling, hot food, dairy products and eggs please read the Terms & Conditions.


Health and safety is of paramount importance, for the benefit of all.  Before the market opens, walk around your stall.  Are there any hazards?  Is there anything someone could trip on?  Anything sharp sticking out, especially at child level? Anything that could topple over if brushed against?  Do you have any hot surfaces that a person could burn themselves on?  If you use hot water or fat is it secure if a child or adult leans on it or pulls at it?  All of these things and anything else you can think of are your responsibility.  If you use sharp knives on your stall, please ensure that you are aware of their location AT ALL TIMES. If appropriate the handles can be tied or chained to your table. 


Whilst it is not mandatory for vendors to have liability insurance, we STRONGLY advise that all vendors hold policies.  The market itself is insured, but this does not cover vendor liability.  Treasure Sales Ltd. can put you in touch with a known couple of insurers or brokers, but we do not in any way endorse them, nor are we compensated by them for any referrals.  See here.

Special Vendors

​If you are a Food Truck or similar, or specialist exhibitor (eg. bouncy castle, petting zoo, busker, face painter etc.), please contact us directly because the pricing is different and we coordinate and curate such vendors at each Sale day to ensure the best experience for all.


You are welcome to turn up on the day (incurs extra $5 fee per day), or book ahead online (which saves you that $5/d).  This is a non-curated market, but if you've booked and are a franchise, we will try to put you in touch with anyone else of a similar type if they book or make inquiries for the same dates as you.  Our online booking system closes at 9pm the preceding evening for admin reasons.

To navigate through a series of dates more easily, after adding your purchase to the basket, use the "prev | next" link in the top-right of the booking screen.

Canopy, table
leg-weights & tarps.

You can bring your own, or rent these from us for the day!


NB: please cover tables and tarps with tablecloths, it adds value to your wares.
Bring your own table or Canopy

All canopies must have 25lb weights firmly affixed per leg.  Also, if you are a hot food vendor, or your canopy has more than 1 wall, it must be fire rated to Canadian standard ULC-S109.  A label should be stitched into the fabric of the canopy.  See example label photo.

Typical canopies are 10ft.sq. so be sure to book enough stall width to accommodate them - our rental canopies are 9ft.sq.

Rent or buy from us

We have a few 9ft.sq. weighted-canopies, also some 6ft tables to rent - this stuff, or "kit" is booked online only, and it books up quickly so get yours now.   Boring rental forms with Terms & Conditions are here, which you will be signing before you rent on the day.  Failure to rent on the day will forfeit your pre-booked rental fees.  Your passport, driving licence, or monetary deposit will be held as collateral against loss or damage.

Use the same button above for booking, selecting kit items and dates where supplies show as available.
NB: understandably you can book a space without kit, but not kit without a space.

Although tables place goods at browsing height, if you prefer to put your Treasures on the ground you should consider a groundsheet or tarpaulin to keep them off the actual ground, (cover with tablecloth to add perceived value).  Tarps are also useful to quickly cover your Treasures in case of a brief Calgary shower;  (remember to weight down the corners!)

Our RENTAL equipment, or "Kit", ONLINE BOOKING ONLY:

  • Table: @ $5 /day   (6ft long)

  • Canopy: @ $20 /day (9ft.sq. weighted canopy no walls).

  • Leg-weights: @ $5 /day  (set of four 25lb/leg, with straps, on-site rental only, subject to availability)

Our Kit TO BUY​ - online or on-site subject to availability:

  • Leg-weights: pre-filled $31 , unfilled $15, (set of four strong, tall and thin sand-bags, without straps).

  • Straps for leg-weights: $5  (an 8ft long strip of 2" wide, Velcro branded, double-sided green tape - you cut to suit).

  • Tarp small: $10  (8' x 6' basic blue tarp)

  • Tarp large: $15  (8' x 10' basic blue tarp)