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Pooled Liability Insurance
Terms & Conditions

Rules of participation in the pool, and policy wording


  1. Definitions:

    • "TSL" is the Canadian firm Treasure Sales Ltd.

    • "Sales" are the public markets knows as Treasure Sales operated by TSL.

    • "Vendors" are persons or organisations promoting or selling their goods or services at or via said Sales.

    • "Policy" is a Pooled 3rd-party liability Insurance policy as administered by TSL for the benefit of its participating Vendors.

    • "MNV" is the minimum number of Vendors the Policy requires to work (perhaps 15).

    • "Deadline" is 6pm (Calgary time) 5 business days prior to the respective Sale (eg. Monday for a Saturday sale).

    • "Pool-fee" the cost associated with a Vendor's participation in the Policy, but not any admin fee.

  2. TSL will purchase a Policy for each Sale which will cover a minimum number of Vendors (MNV).

  3. Vendors are only covered once they pay the respective participation fee, and notify TSL of their identification information, both prior to the Deadline.

  4. The participation fee will include both an administration cost, and a pro-rata Pool-fee amount based upon the MNV.

  5. Should fewer Vendors than the MNV notify TSL by the Deadline for a given Sale, then TSL will, at its own discretion, either:

    • choose to pay the shortfall Policy cost for the benefit of the participating Vendors;

    • or ask participating Vendors if they would all share the cost of the shortfall (in which case extra payment is required the day after the Deadline); 

    • or failing agreement, cancel that Sale's Policy and refund the Vendors' Pool-fee; which will leave the Vendors uncovered for that specific Sale.

  6. Identification of all participating Vendors is required by the Insurance provider, as is various information about their products and services; this can be provided via the online buying system, or by other written means like email prior to the Deadline.  This information is treated with discretion and is subject to TSL's Privacy Policy and that of the Insurer.