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Wild Wild West Event Centre, 67 Commercial Crt., Calgary, AB T3Z 2A6

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General categories permitted

Here is a list of general categories of treasures you can sell or find at the Treasure Sale (some may need permits or licences, see "Advice" menu):

  • Misc. Garage / Yard Sale treasures

  • Alcohol (closed, with AGLC approval)

  • Antiques

  • Art & supplies

  • Automation

  • Automotive / Vehicular

  • Baby & Kids

  • Books

  • Community & Charity

  • Clothing, Shoes, Accessories

  • Collectibles

  • Crafts & Hobbies

  • Electronic

  • Entertainment

  • Ethnic

  • Farm & fresh produce (incl. eggs & dairy)

  • Food & Drink (non-farm, prepared), incl. Candy

  • Gifts & Cards

  • Health & Beauty

  • Home & Garden (incl. furniture & Decoration)

  • Jewellery & Watches

  • Music-making

  • Office

  • Other (eg. magic, events)

  • Pet Supplies

  • Photo & Optical

  • Services

  • Sports & Fitness (excl. hunting)

  • Tools & Equipment

  • Toys, Games & Passtimes

  • Travel (incl. camping)

  • Vaping & bongs (non-nicotine products)

We also usually have some of these attending for family enjoyment:

  • Food Trucks

  • Bouncy Castles

  • Petting zoo

  • Face-painting & glitter-work

  • Balloon animals

  • Live music

Not permitted

by law or policy

BE AWARE - the restrictions on second-hand children's products (see links below).​

  • Adult-only or offensive items.

  • Airbags, Used.

  • Alcohol without a licence.

  • Animal-derived products (incl. leather, fur, ivory, meat excl. pet food).

  • Animals.

  • Artifacts.

  • Auctioning.

  • Baby Walkers  (prohibited in Canada since April 7, 2004.)

  • Blades (specifically: Belt-buckle or finger-ring blades, Push-daggers, switchblade, butterfly knives).

  • Car seats for children.

  • Children's Products, Second-Hand (All second-hand children’s and baby products must adhere to Health Canada's Consumer Product Safety guidelines. http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/cps-spc/pubs/indust/secondhand-produits_usages/index-eng.php ).

  • Cosmetics, Used.

  • Counterfeit or pirated items.

  • Credit Cards/Debit Cards.

  • Drugs and Medical Paraphernalia.

  • Earrings, Used.

  • Escort Services/Prostitution.

  • Financial investments.

  • Fireworks.

  • Food & Drink not made in commercial-grade kitchen.

  • Fuels (non-solid).

  • Government/Intelligence Agency IDs and Licenses.

  • Hazardous or Restricted  Materials.

  • Human Parts, Organs and Remains.

  • Hunting or fishing implements.

  • Intellectual Property infringement.

  • Items Encouraging Illegal Activity.

  • Leathal weapons.

  • Lock-picking Devices.

  • Lottery Tickets.

  • Marketing schemes (network, multi-level, Pyramid and Matrix Programs) but agents selling their products are okay.

  • Medical Devices.

  • Personal Information and Mailing Lists.

  • Pesticides.

  • Real Estate.

  • Recalled Items.

  • Stolen items.

  • Student Resources (unauthorised).

  • Ticket Re-sale/Scalping.

  • Tobacco & Nicotine.

2nd-hand LAWS

Dealers have the primary responsibility under Health Canada's extensive regulatory lists, notably the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA), the Food and Drugs Act and the Radiation Emitting Devices Act (REDA) with respect to the safety of consumer products, including second-hand products.  These laws do not distinguish between new and used products. Any person who imports, sells, distributes, or gives away products not complying with the current legislation is breaking the law in Canada.  All cosmetics sold in Canada must meet the requirements of the Food and Drugs Act, the Cosmetic Regulations, and all other applicable legislation.  The REDA covers such items as microwave ovens, UV facial lamps and personal tanning equipment. For second-hand radiation emitting devices to be sold, they must also meet current standards.

Labelling of Textiles and Clothing

Textile (clothing, quilts, blankets, etc.) products must be labelled for content and where they were made as per the Textile Labelling Act and Regulations. See the Textile Labelling and Advertising Regulations, enforcement guidelines 2000

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