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John's Fruit Market

Fresh seasonal produce from Alberta and BC

John brings in the freshest fruit and vegetables from multiple producers around Alberta and B.C.

Sweet strawberries, nectarines, cherries, plums - whatever is at peak perfection right now!

Sheila's Tupperware

She won't be boxed in

Tupperware is the famous home products line that includes preparation, storage, containment, and serving products for the kitchen and home. A gajillion units are sold each year around the world, exclusively through agents like Sheila.

Absolutely Fabulous Face Painting


Liz Small is highly experienced and a superb artist - she's even the President of the Canadian industry body www.cafaba.ca .  Her creations are delightful and detailed with a wide repertoire of designs and characters to draw upon. 

Calgary Mini Donuts

Mini size, maxi flavour enjoyment!

Darnell serves Calgary's best and best-selling mini-donuts and other refreshments - including kick-ass lemonade (poor ass, always getting kicked).

Nutz 4 Nutz

Simple, delicious candied peanuts

Dwayne & sons cook candied nuts right in front of you, for the freshest, hot , and sweet peanut treats.  Simple. delicious. 'nuff said.

Roberts and Flasch

Purveyors of fine preserved products

Literally Lemons - Literally Limes - Totally Tomato Jam - Basically Beets But Better - Cousin Sue's Curried Crabapple Chutney

Driven by the loss of those early prairie survival skills of our great grandmothers, what began as a curiosity for canning and preserving, quickly grew into a desire to share our wayward experiments.  Our preserved products will punch up your cooking with added depth and quirky flavor combinations... We hope they will inspire your own experimental adventures. http://robertsandflasch.ca/

Frozen Assets

Handmade, gourmet ice cream - utterly delicious

With a belief in quality over quantity, Frozen Assets is Calgary’s source for chef-created, hand-crafted, all natural speciality ice cream.   Just their mint-choc chip flavour requires that freshly picked mint leaves be cold-steeped for 24 hours... yu-u-ummmmm!

Stuckey's Woodworking

Practical pieces for home, garden, pets, ... and musicians!

Springtime cedar planters, with unique twists; cutting boards and butcher blocks from glowing woods; and rolling cooler boxes worthy of any sunny deck - these are just some of Jennifer's original creations.   Little Libraries are her best sellers, she has half a dozen styles, but her favourite magic is made with her cigar box instruments - Guitars, Ukuleles, Kalimbas, Canjos and whatever else pops into her head.  "My brother talked me into making these and I admit they’re a lot of fun to make.  Most are electric so I make little cigar box amps too.  You’ve definitely gotta check ‘em out!"

Manly Man Manes

Homegrown Grooming for the Gruff Grizzly in your Garage

Grooming products without alcohol and other nasty things that irritate your skin; also without the typical price-tag!  From soap to shampoo bars, beard oils and moustache waxes, shaving creams and shaving soaps, moisturizers, body creams, non-shiny lip balms, plus tattoo care.  I do my own labels, buy bottles and jars that are on sale and in bulk; money savings I pass on to you. I feel everyone (yes, women are loving it too), from the modest to the magnate, should be able to have these products without breaking the bank - so come and stock up!"

Luv 21 Apparel

It's more than just clothing - it's an attitude

Jocelyn represents Luv21,  a 100% Canadian owned & operated company based out of Kingston, Ontario, sourcing products from all over the world to bring you the latest trends.  "We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and exceptional customer service."  Jocelyn offers a wide range of apparel, perhaps best known for specializing in leggings.

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